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macOS Specific Issues

Attempting to build the Cocoa frontend fails with NSInternalInconsistencyException

When building on macOS, the build system will make a native Cocoa app by default. In this case, the build system uses the Xcode ibtool command to build user interface files. If this command fails, you can fix this issue by starting Xcode and letting it install components. After this is done, you should be able to close Xcode and build successfully.

Attempting to build the SDL frontend on macOS fails on linking

SameBoy on macOS expects you to have SDL2 installed via Brew, and not as a framework. Older versions expected it to be installed as a framework, but this is no longer the case.

Windows Build Process

Tools and Libraries Installation

For the various tools and libraries, follow the below guide to ensure easy, proper configuration for the build environment:


For libSDL2, download the Visual C++ Development Library pack. Place the extracted files within a known folder for later. Both the \x86\ and \include\ paths will be needed.

The following examples will be referenced later:

  • C:\SDL2\lib\x86\*
  • C:\SDL2\include\*


After downloading rgbds, ensure that it is added to the %PATH%. This may be done by adding it to the user's or SYSTEM's Environment Variables, or may be added to the command line at compilation time via set path=%path%;C:\path\to\rgbds.


Ensure that the gnuwin32\bin\ directory is included in %PATH%. Like rgbds above, this may instead be manually included on the command line before installation: set path=%path%;C:\path\to\gnuwin32\bin.


Within a command prompt in the project directory:

set lib=%lib%;C:\SDL2\lib\x86
set include=%include%;C:\SDL2\include

Please note that these directories (C:\SDL2\*) are the examples given within the "SDL Port" section above. Ensure that your %PATH% properly includes rgbds and gnuwin32\bin, and that the lib and include paths include the appropriate SDL2 directories.

Common Errors

Error -1073741819

If encountering an error that appears as follows:

make: *** [build/bin/BootROMs/dmg_boot.bin] Error -1073741819

Simply run make again, and the process will continue. This appears to happen occasionally with build/bin/BootROMs/dmg_boot.bin and build/bin/BootROMs/sgb2_boot.bin. It does not affect the compiled output. This appears to be an issue with GnuWin.

The system cannot find the file specified (usr/bin/mkdir)

If errors arise (i.e., particularly with the CREATE_PROCESS('usr/bin/mkdir') calls, also verify that Git for Windows has not been installed with full Linux support. If it has, remove C:\Program Files\Git\usr\bin from the SYSTEM %PATH% until after compilation. This happens because the Git for Windows version of which is used instead of the GnuWin one, and it returns a Unix-style path instead of a Windows one.